Cubby Barks, Taking the Mystery out of Marketing, & The Solisbell Island Adventure

This Week

Cubby Barks,

by M.J. Boegner

I met Mary (Joanne) during our first Year of the Book. She is a champion for rescue animals, and this book features her own loveable rescue “Cubby.” All sale proceeds will benefit Cubby B.A.R.K.S., a non-profit organization she created to help the plight of rescue animals and the people who love them.

Just Released

I met John on a referral from Bob Pullo and Don Gogniat, as memory serves. He charmed me over the two years of our friendship, and shocked the daylights out of me by cold-calling Amazon to ask if they’d like to sponsor York Book Expo. (Long and funny but sadly unproductive story!)
While he has also written two children’s books, his latest release is in his field of specialty – marketing. His leadership in business, non-profit, civic and church groups forms the basis of wisdom you can apply immediately.

Demi Fav’ Rave


Barbara Gorski
$2.99 Kindle
I met Barbara (Basia) many years ago when she started volunteering at Paul Smith Library, and then again recently after a connection through Judy Grupp, illustrator extraordinaire.
What happens when a summer camp on tropical Solisbell Island turns into the adventure of a lifetime? From the very first day, mysterious accidents start haunting campers. Will they confront the villainous Alligator King before he endangers the lives of everyone in camp?
Barbara Gorski lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania. She has a Master’s Degree in English and in Library and Information Science. She loves to create fantasy stories and drawings with animal characters.

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