Attic Treasures, Disengaged, & Hello God, Are You There?

This Week

Attic Treasures,
by Laura Rudacille

I met Laura in September 2012 when she was crazy enough to volunteer to help our Year of the Book “Nearly There” novelists move from first draft to DONE.

A generous and vivacious spirit, Laura is the author of romance novels “Saltwater Cowboy,” “Late to Breakfast,” “Here’s the Thing,” and women’s fiction “Invisible Woman.”

Her newest book is “Attic Treasures: The Forgotten Notebook.” When her mother discovered a stack of her old high school journals, the walk down hormone lane became too fun not to share!

If you’ve long since burned the evidence from your teen years, this is a guilt-free and humorous read for the Homecoming season!

Just Released

I met Valerie at last year’s York Book Expo and she wowed me with this sassy Janet Evanovich-style romance. I cackled every time the heroine’s sister speaks!
Alexandra Powell is engaged to the perfect man. Even her mother approves of tall, hunky Keith and his newly saved Christian ways. But when a chance meeting brings Nicholas Paxton back into her life, will Alex have the strength to turn him down? Or will she become disengaged?

Pick Me Up Fav’


$2.99 Kindle

I met Vickie through our mutual author friend Connie Scharon when they both took part in 2012’s Year of the Book. Since then Vickie’s published two inspirational books and has finished her first romance novel.
In today’s difficult time when we seem to be losing everything, have we lost God too? A sunrise … Are thoughts from yesterday bringing you down? A daffodil growing among rocks … Are obstacles blocking your way? A boulder tumbling out of control … Are you teetering on the edge? A cloudy sky … Are you lost in the shadows of others? A stagnant lake … Are you drowning in boredom? All around us nature is not only mirroring our lives; it is there to offer us its gifts: comfort, encouragement, strength, and wisdom. There is no cost, we only need to open our eyes and accept life’s greatest gift – nature.


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