Maggie and the French Fry, The Lonely Little Pony, & Thinner, Fitter, Happier

This Week


Maggie and the French Fry,

by Alauna Boykin

I met “Launie” in February 2013 at the library when Maggie was just taking fledgling wing, then the book’s awesome illustrator Judy Grupp put us back in touch.

Maggie is a hungry crow who lives near the ocean and hunts for her favorite food, French fries, at the beach. Many challenges face her in her daily quest. Is Maggie strong and smart enough get her French fry back to her nest?

Just Released

by Deborah Ribar Tibbs
Every child craves independence, but will Juliana Butterfly take it too far?
This is the first of several children’s books-in-progress by Deborah, who is writing one for each of her grandchildren. What a legacy! Thanks, Larry Tibbs, for marrying Deborah and encouraging her to fulfill this dream!


Personal Fav’

Thinner, Fitter, Happier by

$2.99 Kindle
Marian “waltzed” into a book marketing class in 2013 and introduced me to Arthur Murray Dance school and a joy I’d never felt.

“Do you need a BOOST? Are you in a RUT? Are you up for more FUN? More FRIENDS? Is it time to reconnect with your PARTNER?…or FIND one? YOU OUGHT TO BE DANCING!”

In this upbeat and informative book, writer, dancer and health care professional Dr. Marian Condon promotes dancing as an amazingly healthful and enjoyable form of exercise that transforms lives. The combination of music and movement lifts spirits and banishes blues. The inherent camaraderie and fellowship make even shy and socially anxious dancers feel comfortably at home in their dance communities. Communication and connection between even long-time partners is enhanced. Because of the intense focus required, dancing is also great for the brain – it has been shown to be more effective than any other leisure activity at staving off dementia. Dr. Condon busts the myth that dancing is only for the young, slim and athletic. “If you can WALK,” she writes, “you can DANCE!”

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