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Last week I talked about my journey from learner to do-er, and the massive change it’s caused in my business. So many of you reached out, wondering what I discovered that made it possible. I’m always shouting from the rooftops that we don’t need to put each other down to make ourselves bigger. So I’d like to share because I want you to succeed, too.

My journey

My friend Michelle Martin Dobbins introduced me to Leonie Dawson’s business workbook/planner a couple years ago, and I fell in love with her self-proclaimed hippy-dippy rainbows and unicorns style. (I also confess her brazen and unabashed use of language makes me snort with laughter.)

At the time, I was eyeballs deep in video training from some awesome marketing and business trainers, and all signed up to attend their online webinars and live events. It felt like I was drinking from the water hose, but I didn’t want to stop the flow. My notebooks filled with their wisdom, and my ability to use terms like ‘Call to Action,’ ‘auto-responder,’ ‘lead magnet,’ and ‘conversions’ changed overnight, much to the chagrin of my less geeky friends.

But despite all this learning, I was yet to actually apply any of it to my own business. Then came Leonie with her Shining Biz & Life Academy. It’s essentially an online university filled with 115+ courses divided into 4 sections: Biz, Life, Creativity, and Meditation, along with an international forum and mastermind community of peeps who jump in and answer questions for each other night and day. My immediate favorite was the “Double Your Biz Intensive” – a 5-week series of videos, workbooks, cheat sheets, and info to get all your business ducks quacking in glorious harmony. Even better – I signed up for the daily email version that breaks it into bite-sized morsels over the course of a year (you get the weekends off) so you can read the directions and then DO the steps one at a time.


Oddly, the stuff she’s teaching is exactly what I’d been learning from others at 5x the price tag… only she’s combining this product with 114 other items to help you grow and have not only an awesome business, but also jumpstart your creativity, and build a life you love. It’s one of the reasons I went to that pottery shop a couple weeks ago and unleashed my inner Picasso on the cat’s water bowl. And it’s a huge reason that I finished my latest quilt in September instead of December (or well… never), and have gotten excited about getting the house spruced up on the path to turning it into my inspiring haven (as opposed to Dust-Bunny Central).

So here’s the deal. The Shining Biz & Life Academy is probably not for you if: (a) you don’t find colorful language amusing (Leonie’s tongue makes me sound like a veritable nun); (b) you’re not interested in making a change in your life or business (now that I’m a member, I would’ve purchased it just for the creativity and life and meditation stuff); (c) you’re a guy (aside from rainbows and unicorns, it’s a lot of heartfelt woman-to-woman stuff, combined with head-trash-defeating encouragement that is just about as vagina-centric as they come – or wait… does that make you guys really want to tune in to understand us gals better?).

I was surprised when Leonie announced she’s including next year’s complete planning system (the full-color workbooks, planner, wall planning calendar, To Do list pad, stickers, and digital go-with’s) for free with Academy membership. Or in her words, it was something like, “Grab your PVC undies, because you’re gonna shiz your pants…”

But it’s true, and I’m psyched because I’m a planner junkie. And she tossed in the ability to make installment payments for the Academy, which is something she hadn’t offered before this past year. Beyond that, she’s a philanthropic goddess who shares affiliate money when you love her stuff and recommend it to others (which is what I’m doing here, FYI, and she’ll teach you step-by-step how to do the same and benefit from actions you would’ve done anyway).

So here’s the scoop… if you feel drawn to make this investment in yourself, I’m game-on to be your accountability partner and mastermind coach. Just click any of the links in this post, research the Academy until you feel confident it’s for you (because you know how stingy/frugal I am – I hate to see people spend $$ on stuff they can’t use), and if you join, just email me a copy of your receipt. You can join me in an elite goddess mastermind for the next 6 months – exclusive to Academy members – where we’ll go through her courses together and DO the steps to move our lives and businesses forward.

If you’re an author and have no clue how to start marketing your books, I’ll also share my linguistic “lurve” for ‘lead pages, opt-ins, lead magnets, mailing lists, auto-responders, and conversions’ – and every tool in my Rolodex to get you started economically and efficiently so you can launch your next book at a whole new level.

But if this is not the right time for you, know that I understand that, too. I’m still gonna be here next week sharing life, love, and good books. (And probably some colorful language of my own.)

Love, Demi

PS. Leonie is closing her Shining Biz & Life Academy to new members at the end of the week, so she can focus on helping us more, and it won’t reopen for another 6 months. I don’t want to be the one at the table raving about the equivalent of an out-of-print book, so have a look today.

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