Why I’m a Terrible Student


Don’t hate me. I have no memories of ever doing homework. Not in grade school, junior high, high school, nor any of the four colleges from which I hold degrees. Okay, I remember writing a few term papers… usually at the 11th hour (which is an odd name for 2-6 am).

But it wasn’t because I didn’t like to learn.

It was because I’d sucked up all the information during class like a shop-vac on a pile of nails, and catalogued just the “test-worthy” stuff in slightly-longer-than-short-term memory. But what I didn’t learn was how to use that knowledge to be successful.

It happens all the time to grown-ups who invest in online classes. In fact, it happened to me, too, when I signed up for marketing courses from Jeff Walker, Ed Dale, Leonie Dawson, and Brendon Burchard. I binge-watched every video these guys and gal created. I can now even do a good imitation of Ed and Leonie’s Aussie accent. #EdIsaStud #UnicornsPooRainbows

I do remember the strategies they taught, but despite them saying to “watch this one video, then do what you just learned,” I watched that one video… and then watched all the other videos.

You know what, though? It’s so much more fulfilling to learn by DOING! This past year I’ve committed to taking action on all the crap-tonnes of learning I’ve done in the publishing and marketing realm. I’m moderately embarrassed to share how many courses and how much time I’ve spent “learning,” but I’m thrilled to have found a teacher who’s the perfect fit of challenging, giggle-snort funny, encouraging, and economical.

If you’re curious how I learned to beautifully set up boring schmoring stuff like my blog, automated email list, newsletter, and schedule my day to achieve a week’s worth of shite in mere hours while totally enjoying myself, let me know by reply or social media comment. If it’s of sufficient interest, I’ll write my next post about the thrifty resource I found to learn and DO it all!


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