Nick Rabbit Takes Charge, The Beat Goes On, & Crossroads

Nick Rabbit Takes Charge
by Rose Buscarini

I met Rose when she came to volunteer at Paul Smith Library. As fate would turn, her friend Mary Pat Hough-Greene brought us back together years later through the Year of the Book writing classes.

Rose taught high school English for 20 years in Maryland and Pennsylvania schools. Her second book features her grandchildren (grand-bunnies?), and is slated to release next week.


The Beat Goes On
by Pamela H. Bender
Pam Bender came to visit me at the library in 2012 and donate a copy of her first book – Until There Was Us. I “borrowed” it that same evening and read it cover to cover, indulging in the decadent drama that made up Pam’s mother’s story.
The newest book in her Dennison saga, The Beat Goes On, is a prequel to the trilogy and begins when Varena, daughter of a German immigrant family, learns life and death lessons at a tender age. Ripped from the comfort and stability of her Little Germany neighborhood, she must find ways to make friends with strangers who don’t speak her language. The charming coping methods she develops help her throughout life – including the orchestration of her own courtship! When Protestant Varena marries a Catholic, it’s anyone’s guess how her tight-knit German family will react. Will the birth of their child, Ron Dennison, bring about peace and unity, or will religion divide them further? Join Ron and his father, Harold, in their petticoat-governed household as this beautiful family tale unfolds.


by Don Gogniat
$2.99 Kindle
A personal narrative, simple but oft-overlooked advice for life, learning, travel, and the power of human connection.
Don Gogniat worked as an administrator for Penn State University and Chancellor for Penn State York before retirement. He served in the Peace Corps and worked as a regional planner for the Costa Rican National Planning Office. Gogniat also sailed multiple times on Semester at Sea where he taught geography, global studies, and served as Executive Dean. His hobbies include travel, billiards, hiking, biking, and photography. His photographic work has appeared in newspapers, magazines, and juried exhibits. He plays a fair game of “nine ball.”

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