(YOTB) Are You Creative?


Stepped out of my writing world for the weekend, thanks to my awesome husband who brought me to Niagara Falls for an early birthday celebration. After falling asleep to the sound of what I thought was the hotel air conditioner, I realized this morning that highly audible, constant drone is the result of millions of gallons of water pounding away at the base of the hill where we’re perched!


After a long stroll along the Canadian-side overlook, my sweetie allowed me to pick “whatever I liked” to do for the day. So instead of going to a 4D movie, zip-lining, riding a helicopter around the falls, gambling in the casino, or indoor sky-diving… I chose to paint a water bowl for our kitties at the pottery store, Crock A Doodle. (Yes, he really must love me!)
The sign above the register helped me keep my mouth shut about my lack of painting skills… “If you say you’re not creative, you have to buy us all coffee.” But it made me think about all the people who have great stories to tell, but feel like they could never write a book – telling themselves “I can’t write,” “I’m not creative,” “I can’t spell.”
If that sounds like you, my challenge this week is to say, “Screw the rules! I’m going to write my story, and I never have to share it with a single soul if I don’t want to.” After all… if Demi can unleash her inner Picasso on the feline kingdom, you should experience the joy of writing something that brings you pleasure, whether or not you ever intend to publish it. Writing should be fun. And so should your life!

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