9-1-1 Spells Help, Juliana Butterfly, & Looking for Miss Crabtree

9-1-1 Spells Help (forthcoming)

by Jeri Wood

I met Jeri at an OLLI event hosted by Donna Ferguson, and we totally connected! This former elementary school teacher penned humorous nursery rhyme spoofs to teach her students about using 9-1-1, and they even filmed a video!

The kangaroo photojournalist from Jeri’s first book (Kamra’s Christmas Story) is tasked to write up the tale for the local paper.  Both of the Kamra titles are presented as coloring books, which allow kids to become part of the storytelling!

Just Released

by Deborah Ribar Tibbs
Every child craves independence, but will Juliana Butterfly take it too far?
This is the first of several children’s books-in-progress by Deborah, who is writing one for each of her grandchildren. What a legacy! Thanks, Larry Tibbs, for marrying Deborah and encouraging her to fulfill this dream!


Personal Fav’


Looking for Miss Crabtree,

by Kevin W. Buck

Do you have fond memories of watching Darla and Alfalfa of the Little Rascals? Did Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies make you laugh out loud? Did you ever expel a beverage through your nose laughing at the Three Stooges? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you, too!
I was lucky enough to meet Kevin back in my library days when he came in to teach us all about self-pubbing with CreateSpace. Will never be able to thank him enough for showing us all what’s possible!


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