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Have you ever visited a friend’s house and been struck by how pretty that arrangement of flowers on their kitchen table looked? Or by the aromatic smell of a Yankee Candle burning in the family room? Or even how ridiculously fancy the handsoap in their bathroom felt?

This may sound ridiculous, but I never realized I had the power to light those decorative candles I’ve kept so pristine. I never once thought about spending a few extra coins to get the foofy handsoap. And you can definitely be sure I wasn’t headed out into my garden with a pair of shears to cut posies.

But after a “self-care” challenge from a travel writing friend, Dawn Engler, I struck a match that instantly upgraded my life. And I’m extending the challenge to you this week.

What could you do to bring yourself a jolt of happiness? You don’t have to win the lottery to feel rich. Maybe there’s a drawer with fancy skin care products you could open to pamper yourself. Or perhaps there’s a nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Or maybe you could set the table tonight with the “nice” dishes.

I’d love to hear how you’ve taken on this challenge. How will YOU upgrade your life?

And always – write with joy,


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