Concealing Grace, Chronos and the New Circle, Out of the Storm

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Healing Grace
by Elizabeth Courtright

Murderers have already taken one life. For Etienne Grace the only thing that matters is protecting those he loves. If he needs to manipulate people to do so, then he will—including the pretty schoolteacher. But Constance isn’t as blameless as she wants him to believe. All along she’s been manipulating him!
I met Elizabeth through an introduction from Darby Jo Campbell. This is book 3 in a series of historical romances that transport me. I love the way she spins small moments of time so vividly you feel you’re part of the story!
In addition to being a wife, mom, writer, and musician, she’s on the worship team at her church and an avid animal lover. She donates all proceeds from her book sales to Third Chance Foundation, which provides scholarships for foster children.


Max awakens – with no memory of who he is – to find that magic is real and the ancient gods of myth were mighty sorcerers. When Max is recruited to a group of young magic-wielders, the safety of the world is on the line. The enemy threatens to release powerful mythical creatures from their prison bonds, and only Max and his friends can stop them. But Max has a secret not even he knows. Can he remember in time?
Edward Eck lives in Pennsylvania and works as a network administrator and computer programmer. His love of fantasy emanates from stories such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the mythology of various cultures. His hobbies include dancing, reading and writing.


Out of the Storm
by Gloria Bostic
$3.99 $0.99 Kindle
Greta Friedman travels from victim to victory in this story of a young woman’s search for the life she’s been denied. A childhood filled with loss and abuse leaves her desperate to find love and normalcy, but as a young adult Greta is frustrated by unanswered prayers and a pattern of relationships that end badly… until she meets someone special. When Gabe Engel mysteriously comes into her life, Greta begins the journey that will give her the strength to escape impending danger and finally make her dreams a reality.

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