Interview/Author Feature – Pamela Bender

I met Pamela Bender back in Fall 2012 when her first book Until There Was Us released. She was gracious enough to come talk to our fledgling writers group at Paul Smith Library, and I’ve been in love with her crafty, creative self ever since!

Demi: You were a writer for years-garnering thousands of dollars in grant money each year for York City Schools. What made you decide to shift gears to writing fiction?

Pamela: Grant writing was hard work, but storytelling was in my DNA. For my ninth birthday, I asked for and received a typewriter and my passion developed. Now retired, I am free to immerse myself in the flow of words that stream out, carving alternative worlds I find intriguing.

Demi: With so much of the book marketing process left to the author, how did you schedule a book tour out west all on your own?

Pamela: One of my historical novels was read by a woman in Montana. She became my advocate and approached the Montana Historical Society to ask me to speak. The other stops along the way popped up once I told my readers that Joe and I were driving out West for a book tour. My readers are my driving force.

Demi: Do you have any favorite book vending sites and advocates (like librarians) you’d recommend to other authors?

Pamela: Librarians have been my gatekeepers. They direct readers to my novels. They invite me to speak and visit with those who have entered into my fictional world. The dialogues have been similar to family reunions where we all know the secrets and motivations of all the characters.

Boutiques that carry my novels, artwork, jewelry, baskets and accessories give purpose to the flow of my artistic drivings. They include: Ironic, TG Books, Collage, The Quilt Patch, and Girls Day Out. A special thanks to Ironic who carry books from many of our local artists.

Demi: If you had one piece of advice for other folks thinking about writing a book, what would it be?

Pamela:¬†Creating a novel is offering up your work of art. You use your God-given talents, so it is not unlike a prayer. You will never know how your creation has blessed others’ lives, but you will know your words were sent into the universe. Why wouldn’t you write?

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