Man from the Lazy Susan, One Fine Beast, One Fine Man, & Legend of the Blood Raven


Man from the Lazy Susan, by Alicia Martin

Alicia owns Rubee Z Salon & Day Spa in Dallastown and is a horse enthusiast and avid writer.
We met through author and illustrator Donna M. Ferguson of Leader Heights. Alicia accomplished what we all dream of—she queried a publisher about her manuscript, and got a request for two chapters—without getting the normal 60-100 rejection letters first. We’ll hear more about her journey in a future newsletter.

In Man from the Lazy Susan, Jess McCoy must confront the demons surrounding her attorney husband’s death years before.
While spinning the Lazy Susan for ingredients, her daughter and nanny concoct a potion to help Jess find a new husband. That night a sexy Australian horse-whisperer from the Susan River gets stranded at her farm because of a storm. Is it fate? Or did the girls’ potion deliver him?
Meanwhile, FBI agent Sam Quaid is following a human-trafficking ring that leads him to the doorstep of his old flame, Jess McCoy, and her adopted daughter Anna. His investigation will uncover secrets that could rip Jess’s world apart. Sam must choose between his job, the safety of hundreds of helpless enslaved victims, and the woman he’s always loved.

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One Fine Beast and One Fine Man, by Elizabeth Courtright.

Is he a beast or an angel? Gabriel Drayton is cruel, ruthless and severely deformed. Lilly Hawthorne accepts a position as tutor to his six-year-old daughter, only to discover the rumors about her employer are frighteningly true. She is revolted, but has no choice. To save her sister from a dire financial predicament, Lilly agrees to marry him. Strangely, the man she shares a bed with is nothing like the vulgar creature she endures during the day. Lilly is left to wonder, will she ever uncover what’s truly hidden beneath her husband’s mask?

The author of five historical romances, Elizabeth donates all proceeds to Third Chance Foundation, a nondiscriminatory, nonprofit corporation providing postsecondary scholarships to foster and adopted children. Intrigued? Find out more at


Legend of the Blood Raven
by D. C. McLaughlin
$3.99 $0.99 Kindle“A twig seems harmless,” Daga whispered cryptically. “But if picked up by a storm’s gust, it can pierce through the largest oak with the force of an iron spike.”Bran is a young dwarf lass who dreams of a life above ground — on horseback — with her unlikely friends. Together they strive against an evil who has marked all dwarves for death. Thus is born the Legend of the Blood Raven.Follow Devon on Facebook.

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