Life after mom’s ‘friend-checks’


Today I’m sending you gratitude and joy. In May I got to sit with my grade-school friend Michelle Martin Dobbins on the balcony of this little studio apartment in Greece overlooking the blue Mediterranean waters, and I realized I don’t get enough opportunities to stay in touch with my friends. It’s not either of our faults… life gets crazy busy. But I decided back in May that was going to change. (Please don’t bother reminding me it’s now July… you see the problem, right?)

I’ve become lucky enough to ‘work from anywhere’ since 2013 when my publishing company Year of the Book was launched. It feels amazing to help folks write and publish the books of their dreams. So far, I’ve been part of the process for nearly 150 new books, written by amazing people just like you.

Your stories brighten my world, and I want to make sure we stay in touch, so I’ll be writing every week or two, and I invite you to write back! Sometimes I’ll share (uncensored) stories of my childhood, or funny updates from life you’d never see on Facebook, and sometimes I’ll write about writing. Because all of us have stories to tell. And chances are good, you have some doozies!

So What the Heck Have You Been Up To?

Personally, I’ve been through more years in college than most non-tenured professors (14), moved from Columbus, OH, to Lansdale, PA, as a pastor’s wife, then to a gorgeous little town called Glen Rock, PA, where I’ve made a home with my second husband (Todd) for the last ten years. My son Joe is now the drum major in his high school band (holy moley!), and this week we went shopping for his first car. No need to ‘stay off the sidewalks’ – if you want to be safe, spend all your time on the highway, because he refuses to drive there yet!

For Those Who Like to Read

In order to justify writing this newsletter off as a business expense (ha!), and because just about everybody likes to read something, I’ll also share works by some different authors each issue. You’re openly invited to connect with each of them – we all like making new friends – but if you get tired of hearing from me (because I know my mom stopped sending out those monthly ‘friend checks’), then just click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of this email.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Looking forward to hearing about your mis-adventures and debauchery…





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