Author Interview – Michelle Martin Dobbins

Psyched to have been chilling in Greece with longtime WV friend, author, and Law of Attraction guru Michelle Martin Dobbins.

Demi: How did you write your first book, Personal Alchemy, and how long did it take?

Michelle: It took three months to write it, outlining and sending off a new chapter each week to the editor to keep me accountable and get it done.

Demi: Could you share one great alchemy secret writers can put to use in their lives today?

Michelle: I love’s “Morning Pages.” It helps you get a daily writing habit going, by making the process fun. You earn “points” by meeting your writing goals. You can even just write out all the daily stuff that’s in your head, maybe organize what you want to write about later, or use it to get you warmed up and ready for your main writing project.

Demi: What’s your biggest technology challenge?

Michelle: For me the hardest thing is figuring out stuff like newsletters and bulk email services (like AWeber, MailChimp, ConstantContact), and knowing how to segment and create different mailing lists. The toughest is figuring out how to make all the pieces work together.

Demi: What new book project are you working on now?

Michelle: My Heart is in Afghanistan is about a little girl whose father gets deployed through the U.S. Army. We see all the emotions she goes through during the year he’s gone, and it really connects with kids whose parents are in similar situations. I used Kickstarter to fund this project. It was a challenge to raise the money, but a terrific learning experience. The work is being illustrated by Daniela Frongia

Demi: What one resource would you recommend to current and aspiring authors to help them build their tribe?

Michelle: Building your email list is the most important thing, so whether you advertise on Facebook or anywhere else, I recommend giving away a “freebie” to entice people to sign up to your list. Whether you use LeadPages or an ad to reach people, start by creating something of value you can give away free now so you can get their email and stay in touch.

Demi: With two bestselling books and more than 40k followers on Facebook and Twitter—not to mention a successful podcast—the burning question my readers have for you is… What’s your secret?

Michelle: Just start taking action! Everyone has inspired ideas, but hardly anyone takes action on them. Funny thing is though, even if you do the wrong thing, it’s better to do some-thing. I built up my Facebook page when I should’ve been building up my email list. But at the end of the day, it’s so much more important to just keep making progress toward a goal. Any goal!

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